Slavoj Žižek | The Future of Surveillance | Full Film

“Orwell is for me way too simplistic, even optimistic. Orwell still believes that free love, authentic human relation, and so on and so on, serves against totalitarian power. Here Orwell I think gets it deeply wrong. You can have a society which is sexually permissive, consumerist, blah blah blah, totally different from what Orwell depicts and it’s still totalitarian.”

Famous Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Zizek says he doesn’t care about surveillance. He simply believes that it’s not efficient and possible if government controlled secret police reads and analyze all our data. If you take it seriously He says that “it’s stupid computer program if experts are analyzing, 90% of people should be employed to analyze it”. Zizek also says that even if you do that “People are stupid they don’t threaten me, it’s like showing hegel’s logic to a cow”. Zizek also adds “All these state control can end only in a big confusion.”



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