She Wants Revenge | Musicians at Google

She Wants Revenge performed for Googlers in Mountain View on Tuesday, March 29, 2011.

About the band:

Los Angeles DJs Justin Warfield and Adam “Adam 12” Bravin formed the moody, Joy Division-inspired She Wants Revenge in 2003. A fortuitous combination of word of mouth, industry connections, and airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio and West Coast airwave giant KCRW provided the duo with enough exposure to snag a record deal with Geffen, resulting in a 2006 self-titled release that has drawn comparisons to Interpol, early Depeche Mode, and the Bravery, as well as their aforementioned eternally depressed post-punk heroes from England. After touring with Depeche Mode, they returned with 2007’s This Is Forever. Their new album, Valley Heart, is due in May.



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