Shaun MacGillivray: “Dream Big” & “National Park Adventure” | Talks at Google

Producer and President of MacGillivray Freeman Films, Shaun MacGillivray, shares behind-the scenes experiences about two of the company’s most recent IMAX and giant-screen films: “National Parks Adventure” (released 2016) and “Dream Big: Engineering Our World,” which opens February 2017.

As MacGillivray talks about “Dream Big,” engineers can geek out over a film that finally celebrates engineering—from structural wonders such as the 2,073-foot Shanghai Tower and Falkirk Wheel to inspirational stories from students and women engineers around the world who overcame obstacles and are improving communities. MacGillivray discusses the critical role compassion plays in engineering, alongside science, technology, and math. Nature enthusiasts can hear about MacGillivray’s favorite national park “hidden gems” and what it’s like to film in some of America’s most stunning natural wonders.

Moderated by James Driscoll.



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