Shabnam Tolouei: “Impact of Immigration on Professional Career” | Talks at Google

Shabnam Tolouei is an award-winning Iranian actress, theater director and playwright.She has won multiple awards from the International Fajre Theatre Festival, the most prestigious venue for theater in Iran (Best Actress 1996, Second Best playwright 1996, Second Best Actress 1997, Second Best Director 2003, Best Actress 2004).

While in town for her performance of Autumn Dance at the Stanford Festival of Iranian Arts, Shabnam sat down to discuss the impacts of emigrating from Iran on her career as an actress and playwright. She discusses the circumstances that led the Iranian government to ban her from working and her confrontation with self-identify and purpose in a new secular country. Shabnam combines humor and wisdom to share stories that are both relatable and moving.

Moderated by Shahed Sajadieh.



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