Sex and Gender Non Binary: My Response to Michael Rowlands

Is biological sex a binary? Is human gender identity a binary? Are people with intersex conditions a third biological sex? Can transgender people transition biological sex as well as gender? Are Michael Rowland’s mannerisms the most annoying in the history of mankind?

Ok, so the answer to the last of those is ‘yes’, for the rest you will have to watch the video!!

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Michael Rowland’s video:
“Gender and Sex is Binary?! WTF?! ”

The Rowlands/Winters/Black/B Hangout (two other parts are available but I can’t be arsed to list them all):
Transphobic AF! Pt 1:

The Bearing and Tim hangout:
Ironing out some differences with Tim Demotivator Opinions!

Intersex Society of North America

“Trends in Ecology and Evolution”
A major evolutionary transition to more than two sexes?



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