Sean Parker: Spotify Fulfills Original Napster Vision

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2011/06/22/A_Conversation_with_Jimmy_Fallon_and_Sean_Parker

Napster co-founder and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Parker discusses one of his hottest new ventures, Spotify. He explains that despite several legal setbacks, the music streaming service (which is huge in Europe) is landing on American shores with a slew of features that will set it above the competition. “It’s the realization of the dream that [Shawn] Fanning and I had with Napster,” says Parker.


A Conversation with Jimmy Fallon and Sean Parker

Jimmy Fallon, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Sean Parker, Founders Fund

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Sean Parker is an entrepreneur with a record of launching genre-defining companies that reinvent ways to spread information online. In 1999, at the age of 19, Parker co-founded Napster and changed how people think about and share music. Two years later, Parker co-founded Plaxo, pioneering viral engineering technology for updating contact information. Parker served as Plaxo’s president until 2004, when he joined with Mark Zuckerberg to develop the online social network Facebook. Parker was Facebook’s founding president, helping transform that small start-up into an industry giant.

Parker’s latest venture is Causes, which he co-founded in 2007, and which has become the largest online platform for grassroots activism and philanthropy. At Founders Fund, Parker searches for and fosters the same spirit of innovation that he saw at Facebook, Plaxo, and Causes in new company founders, and has provided essential mentorship to the portfolio companies, including helping develop Alamofire’s wildly popular PackRat.



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