Sea Cucumbers Have Multipurpose Butts

Meet the most versatile butts in the animal kingdom
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Images of Sea Cucumber Butts
By Klaus M. Stiefel

Graceful pearlfish (Encheliophis gracilis) living inside sea cucumber (Bohadschia argus) on reef, West Papua, Indonesia
Getty Images/BBC Natural History

A common, large sea cucumber (Bohadschia argus) is easy to identify due to its distinctive pattern. This species can extrude sticky defensive threads called cuverian tubules.
Shutterstock/Ethan Daniels

Cloaque Femelle
Wikimedia Commons/Au Domaine des 3 Coqs

Swimming Crab – Lissocarcinus Orbicularis on Sea Cucumber
Wikimedia Commons/Prilfish

Lissocarcinus orbicularis LandaaGiraavaru
Wikimedia Commons/MDC Seamarc

Pseudocolochirus axiologus
Wikimedia Commons/Marrabbio2

Pearsonothuria graeffei bouche
Wikimedia Commons/Frédéric Ducarme


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