Scott Kelly: “Endurance” | Talks at Google

The veteran of four space flights and the American record holder for consecutive days spent in space, astronaut Scott Kelly has experienced things very few have:
– What does it feel like to be launched in a rocket?
– What happens to your body in zero gravity?
– What do you do when you get a toothache 250 miles above the Earth?

Kelly discusses this and more in Endurance, which recounts his year aboard the ISS as well as his rough-and-tumble New Jersey childhood and what sparked his astounding career, changing his trajectory from an unfocused, below-average student to a record-setting astronaut. Learn about his life on and off this planet, and what it will take to make the journey to Mars.

Scott Kelly’s contribution to his field is immeasurable and his experience utterly unique. Endurance will bring it to life for those of us who may never make it beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

Get the book here: https://goo.gl/ZPiByv



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