Scientists Want to Transplant a Human Head, Here’s Why That’s a Bad Idea

A group of scientists are planning to perform a human head transplant at the end of 2017. But is their plan scientifically feasible?

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Surgeons Conduct Head Transplants on Rats, Say Humans Are Next
“Chinese scientists have transplanted the head of a donor rat onto the back of a host body, creating an equally garish and impressive two-headed rat that may offer insights into the viability of an eventual human head transplant.”

Human Head Transplant Patient to Use VR to Prep for New Body
“The world’s first human head transplant is still on schedule for 2017, according to Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero who’s been saying say for years that he will perform the procedure. The latest news is that Canavero’s patient, 30 year-old Valery Spiridonov of Russia, will use a virtual reality system for several months before the surgery to prepare for the experience of controlling an entirely new body.”

Head Transplant Surgeon Says He’s Successfully Reattached The Spinal Cords of a Bunch More Animals
“The Italian neuroscientist who wants to try and preform the first human head transplant has co-edited a series of papers claiming to have conducted similar transplants on mice, rats, and a dog.”

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