Savulescu: Are We Morally Obligated to Breed Healthier Children?

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2011/03/31/Unnatural_Selection_Artificial_Life_and_Designer_Babies

Bioethicist Julian Savulescu makes an argument for procreative beneficence, his conviction that parents are morally obligated to breed the healthiest children possible. “Nature has no mind to equality, no mind to health, no mind to happiness in terms of the children that it produces,” he explains.


Should we be able to choose the sex of our babies? What about selecting the most intelligent embryo, the one with the greatest sporting ability or the one that will live to 100? And as scientists get closer to creating synthetic life, do we really understand what this could mean for our world?

Join Waleed Aly as he hosts a panel convened to discuss the topic “Unnatural selection: artificial life and designer babies. What does the future hold?”

This event is part of the 2011 Monash University Alumni Speaker Series.

Professor Julian Savulescu is a world-leading ethics scholar. He holds the Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford and is a Sir Louis Matheson Distinguished Visiting Professor at Monash University. A researcher, educator and communicator, Professor Savulescu promotes public discussion around the ethical issues of everyday life.



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