Saroo Brierley: “The Real-Life Subject of ‘Lion'” | Talks at Google

Lion brings to life the story of Saroo Brierley, who was separated from his family when he was only five years old in rural India. Saroo was eventually adopted and raised in Australia. As a young man, he used Google Earth satellite imagery to find his home and was reunited with his birth family.

The film is based on Saroo’s book about his experience, A Long Way Home, and stars Dev Patel in the lead role of Saroo.

To complement the release of Lion on Google Play, Saroo Brierley and will join Director of Engineering, Google Maps Australia, Casey Whitelaw at the Google Sydney office for a 1-hour Fireside chat to explore Saroo’s journey, digital mapping and our understanding of home.

Get the film here:

Event moderated by Casey Whitelaw, Director of Engineering for Google Maps Australia.



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