Sam Harris and Secular Objective Morality: An Exercise in Futility?

Whilst there are several references to Sam Harris in this video, the issues go a lot wider.
Putting aside, if we may, the issues of whether such moral statements class technically as ‘objective’ (something discussed to death), I think there are other points that are just as worthy of consideration here. Pragmatic ones.

Knowing this subject is one that divides opinion, I hope this will lead to some robust exchanges. If you think I am wrong in this video, that some practical benefit can be gained from trading up consistency at the expense of sophistication (my overview on it) then let at it :)

Here are some other videos i have made that are somewhat related to this one:

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Finally, someone I would seriously recommend watching on this issue (and Harris in particular), who has been engaging in some lively and informed debates (not least because, unlike myself, he HAS read Harris’s book!) is:




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