Ronesh Sinha: “A Diabetes Cure Designed for Diverse Cultures” | Talks at Google

Dr. Ronesh Sinha to discusses his innovative and evidence-based approach of tailoring medicine to different ethnic backgrounds to save lives. In his practice, he has had tremendous success in reversing chronic health conditions like diabetes and cholesterol disorders through targeted lifestyle changes.

In this talk, he dives into topics such as:
– Why are certain ethnicities, like Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders more predisposed to conditions like metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease?
– Which traditions and dietary habits reverse disease and which ones increase risk
– How to personalize exercise, diet and lifestyle based on your individual risk
– How to blend culture, ancestral wisdom and technology so you can thrive in our modern world.
– How to improve the emotional and physical health of families, including children.

Get the book here: https://goo.gl/6SmZH7



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