Romain Troublé & Colomban de Vargas: “Tara, the Boat That Pioneers […]” | Talks at Google

Romain Troublé, Executive Director of Tara Expeditions Foundation and Colomban de Vargas, CNRS scientist and Tara Oceans Coordinator, who will talk about the importance of studying the unknown Ocean world.

Tara’s sailors and scientists perpetuate the legendary expeditions of the 19th century. From Arctic pack ice to the High Seas, they have traversed the world’s oceans, and has been conducting high level scientific research over 10 adventurous expeditions. Motivated by a keen awareness of current environmental upheavals Tara has been constantly on the move for 14 years.

Tara Expeditions Foundation works daily to bring concrete results and increase environmental awareness among the general public. They discovered a microscopic world in its quasi-globality, diving into the world of the DNA of the ocean. to the origins of life but Tara revealed an unknown universe.

Today the potential of the Tara Oceans data is far from exhausted: the vast majority of this information remains to be analyzed. Research work and accompanying discoveries will continue over the next 10 or 15 years. In the age of “big data”, the field of possibilities and scientific discoveries are only at their beginning.



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