Rocket Buzz – To Infinity and Beyond?

Is he flying, or falling with style? You be the judge!
In this project I taped Buzz Lightyear to a rocket and sent him to infinity and beyond!

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Music By:

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Project Inspired By:

Sid from Toy Story. He was kind of portrayed as an evil kid who abused toys, but I loved this idea of launching Buzz on a rocket. I wanted to do the same thing, except without making the rocket explode. Buzz came through still smiling. :)


Rockets are not toys, and this project really should not be duplicated. This video is mainly for educational and demonstrational purposes. Playing with unstable rocket motors could result in serious injury, property damage and/or legal ramifications. Use of this video content is at your own risk.

Project History & More Info:

The first time I saw Toy Story, and watched Sid tape Buzz Lightyear to the rocket, I’ve wondered how that would work out in real life.

Of course with a toy taped right to a rocket motor there are major stability issues, not to mention aerodynamic issues, and challenges with CG and center of pressure, but I found an improvised way to launch it half decently by taping it to a wooden dowel.

Despite having no recovery system in place, Buzz survived the flight with hardly a scratch. Just a little scorch mark down the back of one leg.



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