Response to r3v3ng3ofthef4113n – You’ve really gone and done it this time Sally.

r3v3ng3ofthef4113n – AKA ‘Sally’ – is perfectly correct in his assertion that a lot of atheists on YouTube are just as stupid, dogmatic and arrogant as many of the theists that they rail against. But Sally fails when he wrongly accuses me of being one of them. Screw you Sally, you moron.

BTW even with YouTube’s new extended maximum length for uploads, I wasn’t able to fit his entire video in. I don’t feel that what I left out (a couple of philosophical questions I believe) was entirely relevant to Sally’s main point, but if you don’t believe me, I wholeheartedly invite you to go and watch his video in its entirety here


The video he was responding to, ‘Arrogant atheists? Fuck off’, can be watched here



Sorry about the two editing errors that appear in this video, the first on the very first clip and the second at 7.19. My bad peeps.



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