Remi Kapo: “Reap the Forgotten Harvest” | Talks at Google

Remi Kapo is the author of “A Savage Culture” and “Reap the Forgotten Harvest,” published by Quartet Books. He has contributed to the New Statesman and New Society; was a researcher for Yorkshire Television and Thames Television’s TV Eye programme; the director of the Roundhouse Arts Centre; and produced Moon on a Rainbow Shawl at the Almeida Theatre, directed by Maya Angelou.

Addressing his audience during Black History Month, Remi briefly explains what inspired him to write “Torrents of Fire”; the second book of the Reap the Forgotten Harvest Trilogy. Fleshing out his fictional tale, he had to confront personal issues to touch the waiting truths beyond. Why is the issue of slavery still credibly pertinent? Is there a connection between the slave trade, colonialism and class?

Get the book here: https://goo.gl/uKSzkm



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