Real Time with Bill Maher: Homeless Frack Supporters (HBO)

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Back in June, it took North Carolina 24 hours to lift a ban on fracking and pass a law that makes it illegal to talk about the chemicals used in fracking.

The N.C. Mining Commission held open hearings about the issue at N.C.’s Western Carolina University. About 600 people attended. Most of them were against blasting the water table full of toxic sludge until earthquakes come out, but a surprising number of attendees were for it. The supporters wore turquoise shirts and hats that said things like “Shale Yes” and “Energy Creates Jobs.” And they seemed to be crazy people who were picked up at homeless shelters and bussed-in by the American Petroleum Institute. Asked why they were there, one said, “I did it for the …” and rubbed his fingers together. Another wouldn’t talk on the record, because he was afraid they’d take away his bus ticket. None of them seemed to know a lot about geology. And we should have known from some of their signs…

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