RAF Ends Discrimination for Women; Keeps it for Men @RoyalAirForce @RAF_Recruitment @DefenceHQ

If, like me, you would like the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Air Force to be held accountable for setting discriminatory lower standards for some people, for the SAME ROLE, based on their biological sex, then PLEASE share this via twitter linking the twitter handles in the title.

Now that all roles are open to all people there can be no justification anymore for giving applicants unequal treatment with massively lower standards required for female applicants (for the SAME role). It completely nullifies any messages about selecting “the best applicant regardless of gender” when the reality is that a “good enough” female applicant would not be within a million miles of being offered a place if they had a different set of sexual organs.

This needs much much much more attention than it is getting. If you can help bring this issue more into the public gaze then I’d ask you to do so.

Here are your links:
Roay Air Force Recruitment Fitness Tests Page
Article in The Guardian outlining the combat role changes
A sample article about male and female performance differences at running

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PS: In this video I use gender, sex and sexual discrimination interchangeably (sorry if that causes any confusion)



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