Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad: Digital Shamanism and Old-Fashioned, Newfangled Storytelling Magic

Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad uses cutting edge audio tech and ancient storytelling techniques to evoke wonder in an entirely new way.
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Directed / Produced by
Jonathan Fowler and Elizabeth Rodd

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Jad Abumrad is the creator of WNYC’s Radiolab and a 2011 MacArthur Genius Grant recipient. He is a radio host and producer whose engaging audio explorations of scientific and philosophical questions captivate listeners and bring to broadcast journalism a distinctive new aesthetic. As co-host and producer of the nationally syndicated program Radiolab, Abumrad employs his background as a composer to orchestrate dialogue, music, and sound effects into compelling documentaries that draw listeners into investigations of otherwise intimidating topics, such as the nature of numbers, the evolution of altruism, or the science of emergent phenomena within ant colonies and other complex systems.



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