Q&A with St Bede’s Inter-Church School, Cambridge, UK

The students of St Bede’s Inter-Church School, Cambridge, UK had a bunch of questions about space and astronomy for Skywatching Live. I loved the questions, so I wanted to jump in and give them some answers.

Thanks to Dr. Sue Thaw for sending them along, and thanks to all the students for their enthusiasm for space and astronomy.

Questions from 7ASA/Dr Thaw – St Bede’s Inter-Church School, Cambridge, UK.
What is the chance of another star system having identical conditions to Earth? Toby C
If there is alien life on other planets how do they survive? Why don’t they live like us? Angelina
Have any signs of life been discovered elsewhere? Emanuel
How long until Australia and Asia collide?
How far away from Earth are we looking for alien life? Anitta
What would we do if we found alien life? Amelia
Is there any proof that alien life exists or has existed? Do you believe it? Rory
Where is the most likely place we would find alien life? Aiven
Would aliens look like humans? If they did, how could you recognise them? Ceci
Would any organisms on Earth be suitably adapted to the conditions on other planets? Tiernan
How far away is Planet 9? Callum
Would we need to revise the definitions of a living thing (MRSGREN)? Mrs McIntyre & Josh
Will aliens come to Earth? Josh
What are the similarities and differences between Earth and Planet 9?
Are aliens green? How do they adapt to their surroundings? What do they eat? Rachel
How do scientists look for signs of life on other planets? Tor
Do you think other life could help us with human research? For example, curing disease? Alexander
Where do aliens come from? Hannah
If we find alien life, what would the first action to be taken? Alexander
Why do you think stargazing is so important that it has it’s own show? Eibhlean
If you find aliens and they came to Earth, how and where will they be kept? Megan
Could there be advanced civilisations in the rest of the universe? Caitlin

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