Q&A 47: Starter Telescope Advice and More. Featuring Dr. Alan Stern from New Horizons

In this week’s question show, I explain why I’m happy to answer questions, what first telescope people should get, and if we’ve ever seen a black hole ever. Also, stick around to the end, where Dr. Alan Stern, the principal investigator of New Horizons answers a question about the mission.

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Irritable Jon Syndrome
Fraiser, infinite thank you’s for answering all of our questions. Holy smokes, i dont know how you do it!! Thank you though. I see some of the questions are just downright ridiculous, some youve already answered, some are EASILY searchable via Google yet you take the time to answer every single one whether theyre patrons or not. I dont think you get told thank you enough for the time you put into answering everyones questions, i hope you know youre sincerely appreciated

rui casanova
Love your channel , and btw how long does it take to our solar sistem to lap the galaxy?

Nicholas Shaski
I think the question about dark matter possibly being dyson spheres should be considered more.
You said those would produce infrared radiation.
While I’m in no way educated about the subject (beyond the minimum), the follow up question seems to be:
Can you somehow “hide” infrared radiation? Especially in this context.

What would a black dwarf be like up close?
Like a huge liquid ocean? Could you sail a boat on it? Or would it be cold gas like Jupiter or an exotic degenerate material? What would it look like if you shone light on it and looked at it?

Hey Fraser! What home telescope would you recommend for star gazing and I’d rather get one that isn’t to pricey. I know you’ve gotten this question before, but I looked for your answer an couldn’t find it. Thanks!

can stellar black holes be quasars to?

Mario Avgherino
One final thought, we human beings think very highly of ourselves, why not too many centuries ago we thought that the earth was the center of the universe, only to find out that our planet is a wonderful little oasis in this ordinary solar system. It’s a great home for us but that’s about the only thing that makes it special and since It’s the only home we have, I support the Idea of colonizing other planets. But just as we have learned that it’s best to preserve the natural order here on Earth, I’m certain we will likewise decide not to pollute or destroy the rest of the solar system and beyond.

David Mex
I think that the announcement of alien life Will be the greatest news on the history of human life.

Moamin Aljaro

The Grimm
How long does it take to become a astro physicist

Federico Fuidio Álvarez4
How far into the past/future are the Voyagers due to time dilation?
Alpha5814 days ago
What would the universe would of looked like when the Cosmic microwave background was in the visible light spectrum?

Carlos Basso
When New Horizon flybys 2014 MU69 by the end of this year, how good the scientists expect the photos to be? Will the spacecraft pass as close to 2014 MU69 as it did to Pluto? Is there any science that we could squeeze out of N.H. after that?



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