Q&A 37: Why Am I Such a SpaceX Hater (or Fanboy)? And More…

In this week’s question show, Fraser explains his thoughts on SpaceX, what he does for his regular job, and wonders if you could use a black hole to perform gravitational slingshots, whether planets could hide in Lagrange points, and growing trees on Mars.

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00:28 FrogLungs – you think people in the Andromeda galaxy are saying the Milky Way galaxy is hurtling towards them?

01:24 Daneel Buchner – What’s the maximum speed you could achieve using a gravitational slingshot around a black hole?

04:15 DocWolph – So could you not have an Earth-sized Trojan planet riding along in the Lagrange Point of a sufficiently large main planet? Most like captured there and not in this star system.

05:44 – SubnetMask – Hey Fraser, what’s your day job and what are your hobbies? Who do you live with? And what kind of music do you listen to?

08:21 – Gally – Could a redwood tree that’s grown on Mars or the Moon get so large that it could be a living building? Assuming that the tree is in a building.

10:27 – Quintin Riekert – Why do you sound so negative about SpaceX

13:22 – Radar Blue – How come neutron stars, composted of neutrons have a magnetic field at all. Are neutrons central to magnetism? The neutrons are usually portrayed as “no electric charge” unlike the proton and electron.

14:12 – Silt Strider – Are the “planetary planes” in our galaxy random or do they have a tendency, like to be at a similar angle as our galaxy?

16:17 – Vectorlover3 – I have a question. Given the cost of launching infrastructure, the idea of retiring the iSS and the idea of the Deep Space Gateway, could we not move and repurpose the ISS? if not to lunar orbit then only for a one-off mission to Mars? Thanks.

19:25 – Fun4uitstrue – Hey Fraser, I know you did a video on what space actually looks like, but it was mostly concerning false color images. What I’m wondering is what space ACTUALLY looks like from the naked eye. Say if I teleport to between the orbits of Earth or Mars or even into interstellar space and if I open my eyes, what would I see?

21:56 – AnotherGlenn – Has anyone been developing equipment for processing raw materials in space? We’ll need clean water? What about the energy and the chemicals needed for the processes? What will we have to bring with us? What can we use that’s already onsite?

23:52 – Stu niverse – As the Sun heats up over these millions of years, since Mars’ global temperatures goes up, would that mean that Mars’ state could be a little more comfortable for life?



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