Punching Nazis vs Punching Muslims: A Big NO(!!) To Both!

Some people have recently condoned punching Nazis and/or fascists on the ground that sufficiently violent ideologies justify such a response but how far are they prepared to go with that? Would they cheer on the punching of those muslims who hold similarly aggressive and abhorrent views? Somehow I have my doubts……
So following the punching of Richard Spencer and incidents involving Milo Yiannopoulos (at UC Berkeley) and Gavin McInnes (at NYU) I thought it was about time to discuss why one may decide not to punch muslims with abhorrent views and why the same may hold true, for precisely the same reasons, for those on the far right.

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Your links:

1:00 White nationalist Richard Spencer punched in the face camera while doing interview

3:28 http://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1082&context=honorsprojects

5:46 Steve Shives Gets It (Dangerously) Wrong!

6:01 Michael Rowlands “Thoughts on Nazis, Sargon and Freeze Peach”

6:43 Kevin Logan “Talking with Steve Shives, Kristi Winters and Chrisiousity about the #WomensMarch”

8:47 “Dispatches: Undercover Mosque – Real Stories” featuring radical muslim clerics preaching hate ideology at british mosques

16:14 Assorted footage of incidents following Milo Yiannopoulos’ attemptto speak at Berkeley University and Gavin McInnes speaking at New York University

19:40 “Matthew Heimbach Destroys Antifa in Debate”



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