Potassium Explosion (8 GRAMS) -slow motion

There’s a reason why I started with 250 mg (1/4gram) of potassium. When dealing with potentially hazardous stuff, you need to have a good feel of what the hazards are.

The scale-up went 1/4 g, ~1.5g, then 8 grams. The 8 grams did not destroy the shatter resistant jug, but it sure made a mess of the plastic container on which it stood. What you see in this video is a concerto of chemistry and physics. However I’m currently on the road, and really don’t have much time or resources to make a detailed video about it at the moment. Will hopefully get something out later though :-)

This video was made with material purchased with donations to the thunderf00t channel and is available under a creative commons, share-alike, attribution license (attribution Thunderf00t). The music (available under the same license) is Windpearl, Mother Earth, track 4.5 billion years. Who’d a thunk it!



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