Phillip Baribeau, Eduardo Garcia, & Jennifer Jane: “Charged: […]” | Talks at Google

Eduardo Garcia is an outdoorsman, chef and co-founder of the “Montana Mex” food company. In 2011, he got electrocuted in a freak accident in the Montana backcountry–losing one hand, ribs, muscle mass and nearly his life. But in the end, Eduardo found more than he lost, and has gone on to inspire thousands in the new, critically acclaimed documentary, “Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story”.
While in town for the SF DocFest | SF IndieFest, Eduardo, Jennifer Jane, and “Charged” Director Phillip Baribeau sat down with Talks at Google to talk about the the mission and vision behind “Charged”–and about the indispensability of community, people and self-acceptance as part of the healing process.

Watch “Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story” trailer: https://youtu.be/Cok4f84lrmE



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