Philip Warburg: “Harness the Sun” | Talks at Google

Philip Warburg visited Google’s office in Cambridge, MA to discuss his book “Harness the Sun”.

In the book, he explores the U.S.’s solar revolution in depth. Beginning with his solar-powered home in New England, he introduces readers to the pioneers who are spearheading our move toward a clean energy economy. He introduces the CEOs who are propelling solar power to prominence and the workers who scale our rooftops installing panels. We encounter the engineers who are building giant utility-scale projects in prime solar states like Nevada, Arizona, and California, and the biologists who make sure wildlife is protected at those sites.

Philip Warburg is the author of “Harvest the Wind: America‚Äôs Journey to Jobs, Energy Independence, and Climate Stability”. He was president of the Conservation Law Foundation, New England’s leading environmental advocacy group, from 2003 to 2009. Previously, he directed the Israel Union for Environmental Defense in Tel Aviv and was an attorney at the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, DC.



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