Paul Roberts: “The Impulse Society” | Talks at Google

Journalist Paul Roberts visited Google’s Cambridge, MA office to discuss his book, “The Impulse Society”. In it, he claims that our entire socioeconomic system has become one giant engine devoted to the selfish, short-term impulses of individuals, CEOs and politicians—while ignoring the pressing, long-term needs of society. He draws on economics, psychology, history, and political philosophy to show how we have become so obsessed with “maximizing returns” that we embrace virtually any means — any technology, personal tactic, or corporate strategy — that can deliver, regardless of consequences. He lays out the history and geography of this new social order, and charts a clear pathway toward a different and brighter future.

Paul Roberts is a journalist specializing in resource economics. “The Impulse Society” is his third book, following “The End of Oil” and “The End of Food”.



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