Organic Matter Just Found On Dwarf Planet Ceres! Could Alien Life Be Next?

This discovery means the nearby planet has the building blocks for life, and they most likely, came from within the planet itself.

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Scientists study geology of Ceres to understand origin of organics
“NASA’s Dawn spacecraft recently detected organic-rich areas on Ceres. Scientists evaluated the geology of the regions to conclude that the organics are most likely native to the dwarf planet. Data from the spacecraft suggest that the interior of Ceres is the source of these organic materials, as opposed to arriving via impacting asteroids or comets, according to a paper published in the Feb. 17, 2017, issue of Science.”

Ceres hosts organic compounds, and they formed on the asteroid, not beyond
“Aliphatic organic compounds – carbon-based building blocks that may have a role in the chemistry that creates life – have been detected for the first time on Ceres, an asteroid and dwarf planet, a new study reveals.”

Astronomers discover complex organic matter exists throughout the universe
“Researchers from Hong Kong report that organic compounds of unexpected complexity exist throughout the Universe. They indicate that an organic substance commonly found throughout the Universe contains a mixture of aromatic and aliphatic components.”

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Written by: Andrea Bloom



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