Opinions on Mythicist Milwaukee

Just some very poorly laid out thoughts on the recent event and the crap that surrounded it.

What ultimately led me to give my take was watching Matt Dillahunty’s thoughts (which, for me, were very good)

Also, mentioned in this video is the event Skepticon and the “feminifest” that that event has become.. Anyone interested in the subject of standards at events, or who just wants a damned good laugh, may wish to watch this hour long “talk” gioven by Greta Christina. i guarantee you will have never witnessed anything so over the top and unprofessional:
“The World We’re in Now – Greta Christina – Skepticon 9”

Oh yes, and whilst this is unpledged (and so it should be, crap like this takes no more than for me to sit in front of my camera and spew crap out my mouth) my channel is funded by my three or four pledged projects per month. To support me through those projects please visit http://www.patreon.com/noelplum99



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