Online Data Collection: 10,000 Times More Efficient than the KGB?

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Andreas Weigend, former Chief Scientist for Amazon.com, discusses what he calls the “social data revolution.” He explains that personal data collection is growing at such an exponential rate, that it’s now 10,000 times more efficient than the KGB was 20 years ago.

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Former Chief Scientist at Amazon.com Andreas Weigend on marketing and web 2.0:

Marketing in the web 2.0: Beyond cutting costs and optimizing business processes

What are the implications for new business models products and services?

A world of abundance: Making the most of quantitative and qualitative data

Social networks and the new uses of data: The power of social recommendations and behavioral targeting

Lessons from the inside: What we can learn from Amazon

Andreas Weigend, Amazon.com’s Chief Scientist until January 2004, is a leading behavioral marketing expert. His career as a scientist, data strategist and quantitative methods innovator has enabled him to bridge the gap between industry and academia. As the Chief Scientist of Amazon.com, he developed data mining techniques including session-based marketing, and designed applications ranging from heuristic cross-selling to customer network and lifecycle analysis. Weigend currently teaches the graduate course Data Mining and Electronic Commerce at Stanford University.



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