Omniscience: An Impossible Christian Claim?

I hope to have a BIG video for release on Saturday, potentially a key moment in the history of humanity. Still much work to do on that though.

For now, moving on from the Argument from Unknown Unknowns (which I will be revisiting again, with a small amendment and a response to ‘TheStinkingAtheist’ with their latest video) and assuming deistic omniscience IS possible I ask how anyone would know their deity was a genuinely omniscient one?

Note: It is no defence of an ontological argument to say that God must be the perfect being becausde He states there are no other gods because we end up with the folling possibilities-
1) God is omniscient.
God correctly asserts that no other gods exist

2) God is not omniscient
Gods assertion of no other gods could be wrong

The problem is we, have no way of differentiating between 1 and 2



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