Obama vs. Romney: It’s About the Resume, Not Likability

Complete video available for free at http://fora.tv/2012/05/31/Compare_the_Candidates_An_Analysis_of_the_2012_Election

Kevin Madden, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs of JDA Frontline and Communications Director for the 2008 Romney campaign, argues that results and not popularity will define the 2012 Presidential Election.


With the two presidential nominees sharply diverging on key policy issues such as the economy, workplace policy and foreign policy, President Obama and Governor Romney will provide the American public with the starkest contrast since 1984 if not 1964.

Join National Journal as we examine this clash of policy ideas, each candidate’s vision for America and a broad range of public policy issues destined to define the 2012 general election cycle.

Prior to joining JDA Frontline, Mr. Madden was a Managing Director with The Glover Park Group, a leading public affairs firm based in Washington DC. Most notably, during the 2008 election cycle, Mr. Madden served as National Press Secretary and Senior Communications Strategist for Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.



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