Nirali Shah: “Meditation for Re-Wilding the Self” | Talks at Google

“Wisdom is sometimes unexpectedly found in raw human emotions.
In those parts of ourselves that we feel uncomfortable to look at.

Join us, as Nirali discusses how meditation can be a tool to unlock that wisdom and aliveness.

Meditation is not only about stress-reduction. Nor is it about taming the mind, suppressing desires, or about becoming better or superior. It is surely not a grand self-improvement project. We meditate not to get rid of parts of our personality that we do not like. Instead, we meditate to relate to these parts with an even greater intimacy and compassion.

As our relationship with our emotions and internal energy transforms, we experience a change in our perception of reality. We become available to ineffable beauty. This practice helps us get in touch with our wild, primal and untamed creative force, and enables us to express itself in skillful ways.”

Find more at www.niralis.com.



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