Nikki Cicerani and Sussan Khozouri: “Upwardly Global” | Talks at Google

Upwardly Global is the first and longest-serving organization that focuses on helping foreign-trained immigrants and refugees integrate into the professional American workforce. UpGlo prepares immigrants and refugees for jobs that match their education and skills, and provides employers with the know-how to create inclusive hiring practices so they can take advantage of this untapped and valuable potential.

Forced displacement is at an all time high with than 20 million people forced to flee their home countries due to war and persecution. Nikki Cicerani, expert in refugee resettlement and integration, discusses what the U.S. doing in the face of this crisis. She shares information we should all have about refugees in the U.S., and discusses what our country could do and how the average citizen can help the world’s most vulnerable. She is joined by Sussan Khozouri, Assistant Executive Vice President of The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

Event moderated by Mike Diamond.



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