Nathan Albert: “Embracing Love: My Journey to Hugging a Man in His Underwear” | Talks at Google

Nathan Albert stood with friends along the Chicago Pride Parade route, bearing signs of apology on behalf of Christians who had failed to represent Christ’s love to the LGBTQ community. Little did he know that millions around the world would soon see him captured in an iconic photograph hugging a man in his underwear (photo: http://goo.gl/jQZXqC). Embracing Love is the story behind that photograph, the story of a musical theatre actor turned pastor who shares personal and pastoral stories of the LGBTQ community. He invites readers past the intimidation of controversy for the sake of embracing people with the love of Jesus.

Get the book here: https://goo.gl/JvtM9T
More information about Nathan at http://nathanalbert.com/.

Moderated by Phillip Knoll.



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