Naked Ape the Anti-Atheist – A Limp-Wristed Cuck Fedora Fuck Responds

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This is a video response to Naked Ape who made a video entitled “Atheism is DESTROYING the West!”.

Regrettably this video was flagged down very quickly, something I roundly condemn. Nevertheless, the video was a tour de force in hyperbolic bullshit rhetoric over substance and I intend to tell you exactly why.

Here is Naked Ape’s channel:
Here is a mirror to his flagged video, as always I encourage you to go and watch it in it’s entirety to check I am not chopping up anything he has said in a misleading way:
And here is a link to a video where he discusses the flagged video and informs us as to just how much effort he put into it (I show a clip from this at the end of my video):

A big thank you to my Patrons (and a few others) for their supportive messages in what has been a tremendously upsetting and stressful month for me. Sometimes getting your head down and cracking back on with things is the best way forwards and I intend to get fully invested back into YouTube in the month ahead.

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Addendum: at 22:53 it was the late ’40s and not the 1950’s



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