Michael Maccoby: “The Leaders We Need” | Talks at Google

A leader is: someone people follow. But why do people follow? Books abound on leaders, but much less is known about followers. In The Leaders We Need, Michael Maccoby steps into this yawning gap in the literature.
This insightful book shows that followers have their own powerful motivations to follow. Many relate to their leader as to some important person from the past—a parent, a sibling, a close friend. With major shifts in family structure and other social changes (especially transformations in technology and work life), these “transferences” have grown complex—making leaders’ work more challenging.

Michael Maccoby is a globally recognized expert on leadership who for 35 years has advised leaders in businesses, governments, unions and universities. He is president of the Maccoby Group in Washington, D.C. and has a PhD from Harvard University. He teaches leadership at the Brookings Institution and Oxford University’s Said School of Business.

This event took place November 6, 2007 at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA.



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