Michael Bungay Stanier: “Do More Great Work” | Talks at Google

Michael Bungay Stanier spoke to Googlers in Mountain View on February 24, 2011 about his book Do More Great Work. He is introduced by Jenny Blake.

About Do More Great Work:

“You work hard. You put in the hours. Yet you feel like you are constantly treading water with “Good Work” that keeps you going but never quite moves you ahead. Or worse, you are mired in “Bad Work”—endless meetings and energy-draining bureaucratic traps.

Do More Great Work gets to the heart of the problem: Even the best performers are spending less than a fraction of their time doing “Great Work”—the kind of innovative work that pushes us forward, stretches our creativity, and truly satisfies us. Michael Bungay Stanier, Canadian Coach of the Year in 2006, is a business consultant (www.BoxOfCrayons.biz) who’s found a way to move us away from bad work (and even good work), and toward more time spent doing great work.”



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