Michael Block: “We Are Chicago” | Talks at Google

Inspired by stories and books around the cultural climate in Chicago from the 80’s through the present day, Michael Block and Culture Shock Games team developed the game to cultivate a conversation around the issues of violence and the income gap in historically underprivileged communities.

Features of the game include:
*Experience a different side of Chicago
*Make choices to help protect your friends and family
*Enjoy music from local artists that were born on the South/West Sides of the city
*Journey through actual events as told by Chicago natives

A portion of the game’s proceeds go to support All Stars Project of Chicago and Reclaim Our Kids, both of which are non-for-profit organizations in the Chicago area. These organizations strive to create positive opportunities for children on the south and west sides of the city.

Website: http://wearechicagogame.com
Contact: michael@wearechicagogame.com

Moderated by Antonio McFadden.



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