Melanie Duena, Dan Barber, Noreen Springstead: “My Last Supper” | Talks at Google

Authors@Google welcomed three presenters on the making of My Last Supper, a collecting photos and recipes of some the culinary world’s greats.The guests efforts to fight world hunger through the charity World Hunger Year was also discussed.

About the Author/Photographer:
Melanie travels the world on assignment, photographing the most influential and powerful people in the public eye. Her photographs are regularly published in well known magazines such as Town and Country, Vanity Fair, People, Gourmet, Newsweek, New York Magazine, Redbook, In Style and Ladies’ Home Journal. She has photographed numerous album covers, book jackets, advertising campaigns and movie posters.

About the Chef:
Dan Barber previously ran the Blue Hill Resturant in Greenwich Village and now runs its most recent incarnation Blue Hill Farm located in Great Barrington, MA. Food and Wine Magazine featured Dan as one of the country’s “Best New Chefs.” He has since addressed local food system issues through op-eds in the New York Times and stories in Gourmet and Food and Wine Magazine.

About the philanthropic director:
Noreen is the Director of Marketing & Fundraising for the anti-hunger and poverty organization WHY. Ms. Springstead shapes WHY’s marketing strategies and has established successful philanthropic partnerships with companies like Hard Rock CafĂ© International, Sony BMG, The Orchard, Ticketmaster, and others. As part of WHY’s signature program Artists Against Hunger & Poverty, she has built long-term relationships with notable artists and their management companies resulting in millions of dollars in aid to WHY and local charities that make up its grassroots network.

Chefs have been playing the My Last Supper game among themselves for decades, if not centuries, but it had always been kept within the profession until now. Melanie Dunea came up with the ingenious idea to ask fifty of the world’s famous chefs to let her in on this insider’s game and tell her what their final meals would be. My Last Supper showcases their fascinating answers alongside stunning Vanity Fair-style portraits

This event took place at the Google NYC campus on November 19th 2007.



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