Matt Schroder & Joe Kraemer: “Score: A Film Music Documentary” | Talks at Google

“SCORE” takes an unprecedented look at the creative process of film score composition with some of the best-known artists in the field including Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Trent Reznor, Randy Newman, Howard Shore, Rachel Portman, Jerry Goldsmith, Quincy Jones, the late James Horner, and more. The film not only explores the power of film music to give us goose bumps; it breaks down the anatomy of major motion picture scores and shines a spotlight on the creative struggles and musical challenges faced by the world’s top soundsmiths. Plunging into the tricks composers use to make a powerful moment stick in our hearts, “SCORE” details how moving melodies and unconventional sounds can commemorate and elevate the most dramatic moments of our favorite films and real life, including historic moments like the election-night acceptance speech of President-Elect Barack Obama. “SCORE” explores how music can turn heroes into villains and tension into triumph.”

Matt Schroder is the director of the film, and Joe Kraemer is a composer known for his work on the Mission Impossible series. Joe’s latest score is “King Cohen.” “The Score” was released in theaters on June 16th, 2017. Find out more at: https://www.score-movie.com/

Moderated by Cliff Redeker.



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