Mary Risley: “Food Won’t Go To Waste” | Talks at Google

Mary Risley is the founder of Food Runners. She has been one of the proponents of the program for decades, and it a true stand out what she has done. She has a great understanding of the program and a great appreciation of what it takes to truly help our community preventing food waste and help alleviate hunger in San Francisco. Besides that, she has been a professional cook over 35 years.

Food Runners is a nonprofit organization to help hungers in San Francisco and collaborate with other organizations. For example, SF Marin Food Banks, Peninsula Food Runners, etc.. Food Runners picks up excess perishable and prepared food from business such as restaurants, caterers, bakeries, hospitals, event planners, corporate cafeterias, and hotels and delivers it directly to neighborhood food programs.

For more details and learn more about Food Runners http://www.foodrunners.org/



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