Mary-Louise Parker: Military Life Is Misunderstood by the Left and the Right

Tony Award-winning actress Mary-Louise Parker says the stereotypes that accompany being in the military, and growing up in a military family, don’t really apply. Parker’s book is “Dear Mr. You” (http://goo.gl/A644FG).

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Transcript – I think that people have an idea that there is one kind of mind, one kind of mentality that is attracted to the military and that’s not necessarily true. It can be true. I do understand it and maybe in this day and age it’s more true than certainly when my father went into the war but my father was in three wars and he was a massive lefty. You know he was the most politically open minded liberal person and he used to say no one hates war more than a soldier, you know. He helped my brother get conscientious objector status during Vietnam. And he would have helped him get into the war if my brother had felt that was what he was compelled to do politically and ideologically. So I did not grow up in a conservative household at all. I grew up in a household where there was a very strong code about honor and about morality which is a tricky word. But it wasn’t honor that I necessarily equate with the military itself. I equate it with my father and his spirit and who he was. And it would have been like that were he – had he worked in a deli, had he been a lawyer. That’s just who he was. And he was quite uncommon.

You know, he was open to everyone. And he was a feminist and he was, you know, all of my friends who were gay or if you were transgender. I had a friend who came to dinner one night who brought his girlfriend who was in the eighties there were these people they were called walk-ins and they said they were – their bodies had been invaded by aliens. And my dad just, you know, talked to her. He was really interested in her. Read Full Transcript Here: http://goo.gl/Bs5u8V.



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