Magneto – VenomFangX’s BIG Mistake

PLEASE READ: I am blocked by Shawn and have been for years.
If you really love me do me a quick favour (pretty please with cherries on top). Just send Shawn a very quick pm so he knows this video exists because I am unable to do so myself.
Wouldn’t it just be a little bit amusing if he received a hundred pm’s letting him know? Maybe then he would be true to what he said when he came back months ago and actually unblock me as he said he would everyone.

The video this is a response to

VenomFangX: Magneto’s Evolution Revolution

Shawn, in Magneto form (very well done btw, he is developing some real video skills) wants to know why he should not wipe out weaker humans to make the species stronger and cites evolution as his justification.
Here I say where he is wrong.

Also, for a rundown on how Shawn is trying to get an ‘ought’ from an ‘is’:

Epydemic2020: Evolution, Magneto, and Morality

Now go pm Shawn, I am SURE he wants to hear from you!



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