Lying for Jesus!

So I’m going over this video and I’m accused of deliberately omitting the dates to mislead people on Craigs publication record. Not only did that seem peculiar, the video had clearly been edited.

Yup, the William lane Craig supporter (thecartesiantheist) actually edited the dates out of the video then accused me of dishonestly omitting this.
The original

The ‘lying for jesus edit’

This is so dishonest it beggar belief! Really REALLY beggar belief. The original video shows that I was completely honest. So he had to edit the video to take out all the honest information such that he could accuse me of omitting it.

Indeed I really wouldn’t have noticed had I not interacted with him recently where he showed a comparable level on integrity. He made a video addressing DPR criticism of William Lane Craig. I suggested he turn up on the MSS to address those points. He messed me around, he wanted a one on one ‘formal debate’ (yeah this guy uses the word formal as much as nephilimfree), he wanted me to debate him now in the comments. I just gave up and left the comment
‘meh, the offer was made to give you the forum you have been repeatedly requesting. You elected to decline. That is all.’
It turns out that despite this CLEAR message, he turns up to the show anyways, vocally claiming we had agreed to have him on. Even more ironically, because he was so late to the show (about an hour late), he spent all of his time in waiting room 3 and no one was even aware that he was there.
He has since been going around spinning this story in a not dissimilar way to the above video, that we had agreed to have him on (not true), that we knew he was there (not true) and that we were cowards etc etc. The moral of the story is clear, if you are going to eat tuna, expect bones, and if you are going to deal with a apologist, expect dishonest!



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