Luana Genot: “Sim à Igualdade Racial (Yes To Racial Equality)” | Talks at Google

Luana Génot is the executive director of the Identities of Brazil Institute (ID_BR), which is a non-profit organization pioneering the promotion of human rights at a social, political, and professional scope. Génot has been a model since 2008, working in advertisement, fashion, and entertainment across multiple continents, where the lack of racially diverse talent and representation inspired her to get more involved with human rights. She is joined by Roberto Andraus, the CEO and founder of https://www.conhecaseuvizinho.com.br, also known as the “Know Your Neighbor” project, which bridges the gap between global communities.

Luana and Roberto traveled to Google to promote their new campaign, Sim à Igualdade Racial (Yes To Racial Equality), whose goal is to engage with organizations and society to raise awareness about and bolster socio-economic growth of the black population by providing equal opportunities in the job market. Luana and Roberto discussed the issues prevalent in Brazil, where people of Afro-descent are 54% of the population, but are significantly underrepresented in the high ranking job position. They also drew parallels between the fight for equality in Brazil and the United States and provided ways for both communities to work together in finding a solution.



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