Libya: Has the International Community Prevented Another Genocide?

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2011/03/23/Terrorism_and_International_Law_Accountability_Reform_and_Remedies

Javaid Rehman, head of the Brunel Law School, discusses the recent no-fly zone over Libya authorized by the United Nations Security Council. Rehman emphasizes that rarely does the UN get involved in internal conflicts and argues, “If they hadn’t taken any action, we’d be sitting here and criticizing the West for actually ignoring a brutal regime killing its people systematically.”


The International Bar Association (IBA) and the Open Society Justice Initiative host a high-level panel discussion marking the release of the report Terrorism and International Law: Accountability, Remedies, and Reform, published by the Oxford University Press.

Produced by the IBA Task Force on Terrorism, the report provides a global overview of terrorism and counterterrorism, including but not restricted to the U.S.-led “war on terror,” by considering case law and examples of state practice from all continents.

A panel of experts, including members of the Task Force, discuss the conclusions, recommendations and major themes of the report, analyzing key current issues in international human rights and international humanitarian law, the investigation and prosecution of terrorist crimes, reform in counterterrorism and victims’ right to a remedy and reparations. – Open Society Foundations

Javaid Rehman is the head of the Brunel Law School, where he is a Professor of International Law and Human Rights. He is a member of the IBA Task Force on Terrorism.



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