Let’s Talk About Rape (and how Laci Green got it SO wrong)

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The thumbnail for this video beautifully sums up the subject matter of the video. It comes from a larger poster and the message is that it is no crime for a woman to have some drinks (a kind of anti-‘victim blaming’ message) but it IS a crime to rape her.
However, there is another way in which the message can be interpreted which is as a response to this ludicrous suggestion that mutually drinking then having sex with someone (almost always specified as a woman) is necessarily an act of rape.
The thumbnail is intended to express both interpretations. they both require our consideration, in my view.

Having sex whilst drunk is no crime; having sex with someone who is drunk (in itself) is no crime; rape is the crime.

This video explores the difference in three parts:

Part #1 00:00 to 09:48 Showing how even someone as well intentioned as Laci Green can get it awfully wrong
Part #2 09:48 to 19:23 More thoughtful consideration of rape, consent and the involvement of alcohol
Part #3 19:23 to 24:41 Philosophical musings on the contradictory way we conceive of what constitutes being raped and raping someone.

(whoops, included the links to a totally different video, here are the right links)

Laci Green’s video:

Thunderf00t’s video:



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