Lessons in Leadership from Social Business | Gordon Seabright | RSA Replay

Many fundamental changes in society and the economy seem to be underway, with the focus shifting from old power to new power; from consumers to citizens; from hierarchies to peer to peer networks; from profit to purpose. What are the implications for businesses, and in particular the qualities of leadership needed to prosper in this new world? Do we still need visionary ‘hero’ leaders – rugged individualist entrepreneurs that can inspire people and struggle through adversity to pursue their dream? Or is leadership a more collective quality to be shared and nurtured among groups bound together by a strong mission? The RSA is nearing the end of an 18 month partnership with the Real Ideas Organisation and Sheffield University Management School. On behalf of Power to Change, this partnership is delivering a leadership programme for community businesses across England. Participating organisations are rooted in their communities and seek to be guided by, and accountable to, local people.

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